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Morning: intensive course
Afternoon: Seminar at school: "the History of the Giostra del Saracino"

Morning: intensive course
Afternoon: Visit to one of the four town quarters partecipating in the Joust

Morning: intensive course
Afternoon: guided visit to the shop of Mr Conti, the sculpture of the Golden Lance (the trophy of the Joust) + visit to Piazza Grande to see the trials

Morning: intensive course
Afternoon: Free

Morning: intensive course
Afternoon: Free
Evening: Propitiatory dinner with the jousters and their fans the evening before the Joust

Morning: free
Afternoon: Free
Evening: Participation in the Giostra del Saracino

COST: €400

The cost includes:
- 1 week Intensive Course
- Seminar at school: The History of the "Giostra del Saracino"
- Visit to one of the four town quarters
- Visit to a local craftsman + Guided tour to Piazza Grande
- “Propiziatoria” Dinner
- Tickets for the Giostra del Saracino

Minimum of participants: 3
Register by May 12th

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I should explain that my main motive for going to language school is to structure my vacation in a pleasant way, make friends, be in a pleasant location in Italy. I also hope to improve my Italian of course, and slowly I am doing so, but I don't have an urgency about it.
I would rate everything at the school itself as being Excellent.
I am VERY HAPPY with Monica, my teacher. She did a good job of running the class, was very pleasant, and VERY patient. I have been to some schools like this before, and in those schools there seemed to be an unspoken understanding that the students didn't have to work too hard, and the teachers didn't have to work too hard either. Not so here! Monica really seems to care, and it certainly caused me to try harder also. I spent a lot of time on homework, and was happy to do so. I wish had been able to learn more quickly; at my age, 75, I find that it is difficult to learn a language.
As a single traveler an important thing for me is to find other students at a school who are interested in meeting outside of class to do other things like dining, exploring. I am very satisfied with the school in this respect. I have met several wonderful people over the last two weeks and have had many good times.
I also participated in some of the programs that the school organized, and overall they were very good. I especially enjoyed cooking with Lalla and the trips to Lucignano and Poppi. I also independently went to San Supulcro with my new Australian friends and enjoyed it very much.
I liked the city of Arezzo. It is big enough to be interesting but not completely flooded by tourists. There are many excellent and reasonably priced dining choices and there always seemed to be plenty to see and do.
Overall I have had an excellent experience at the school and would recommended it to anyone. I think it is the best of the 4 or 5 schools that I have gone to. In fact, if I come to Italy again next year I will choose to come here again

Jim Wick - 76 years old    (  USA)