Italian school in Tuscany - Cultura Italiana Arezzo
Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Italian school in Tuscany

Cultura Italiana Arezzo is not only an Italian school in Tuscany where you can learn the language but it is also an important centre of activity which promotes the Italian culture. Art history, phonetics, cinema are just a few of the seminars organized on a weekly basis.

The school is in Arezzo, in the centre of Italy, less than 40 minutes away from Florence or Siena.

The school organizes Italian language courses for small groups of students. The sessions start every Monday, so all you need to do is choose the course duration and the starting date you prefer.

We offer great accommodation options and very competitive tuition fees. Because it is a small town, you will find that the cost of living in Arezzo is much lower than in larger cities. And the local people tend to be more open to foreign students.

Discover another side of Tuscany and take advantage of our best offers!


Per la prima volta ad Arezzo e d'inverno: un'esperienza bellissima! Cultura Italiana ARezzo è una scuola dove non mi sono sentita a scuola, al contrario.
Mi sono sentita una vip a Firenze con una guida tutta per me sola!
Grazie per avermi fatto lavorare e per il vostro entusiasmo. Arrivederci.
Christine (corso lingua e storia dell'arte)

Christine    (  Olanda)