Bildungsurlaub - Cultura Italiana Arezzo


本校は以下のドイツの各州より BILDUNGSURLAUB

- ベルリン
- ブランデンブルグ
- ハンブルグ
- ヘッセン
- メックレンブルグ・フォルポッメル
- ニーデルザクセン
- ザーランド
- Rheinland - Pfalz


I was a student at Cultura Italiano Arezzo for seven months. I started at an A1 level and had progressively moved up in the courses.
The school is an optimal location in the center of Arezzo and very easy to find
I think one of the best parts about the school that I was unfortunately unable to take a part of regularly because of work, are the after school activities and outings that they host.
The teachers are absolutely amazing and most of the classes are completely immersive (frustrating sometime but in the end very helpful).
The school helped me in getting my study visa so that I could stay for a longer period and was always willing to work with me. Special thanks to Paula and Laura.
Vi voglio bene!!!

Asia King - 23 years old    (  USA)