Cultura Italiana Arezzo


クルトゥーラ・イタリアーナ・アレッツォ校は、学校の推進のために、奨学金 を提供しています。奨学金は大学のイタリア学部、イタリア語学部又は、イタリア文化機関を通じて入手出来ます。


I absolutely loved my 2 weeks at the school in Arezzo. The education at the school excedeed my expetation, both regarding atmosphere and learning progress.
The teachers Monica and Sara are great and take their time to teach in a relaxed but precise manner.
Moreover, Arezzo itself is a lovely place to stay: a lot of history and relaxed activities, not crowded with people but plenty to do!
Will definitely be back in the future.
Thank you Paola, Sara and Monica!

Dirk - 32 years old    (  Netherlands)