Bildungsurlaub - Cultura Italiana Arezzo


L’école est maintenant reconnue par les Länder suivants de la République fédérale d’Allemagne pour le BILDUNGSURLAUB

- Berlin
- Brandenburg
- Bremen
- Hamburg
- Hessen
- Mecklenburg Vorpommern
- Niedersachsen
- Saarland
- Schleswig - Holstein
- Rheinland - Pfalz


I had a great time studying at Cultura Italiana Arezzo. The class was right level and the teacher (Monica) was very entusiastic! The small class was great and I feel I was able to learn so much in just a week. Arezzo is a lovely city with lots of character. I loved especially the walk we took with Monica and the faboulous tasting class. I will definitely try to come back in the future :)

Emily Yamahiro - 35 years old    (  Singapore)