Cultura Italiana Arezzo

journée d’essai et visa d’études

Journée d’essai

L’école offre la possibilité de faire une journée d’essai. Les étudiants peuvent décider par la suite s’ils s’inscrivent ou non, après avoir eu l’occasion d’évaluer si le cours répond à leurs besoins.

Visa d’études

(ne s’applique qu’aux étudiants des pays pour lesquels un visa est exigé)
Les étudiants provenant de pays extérieurs à l’Union européenne doivent demander un visa d’études s’ils souhaitent passer plus de 90 jours en Italie. Cultura Italiana Arezzo fournira le certificat d’inscription et tous les documents nécessaires à l’obtention d’un tel visa. Pour obtenir des renseignements additionnels, veuillez contacter

For those who are not citizens of the European Union, our school offers assistance in obtaining a visa for study purposes.

You must apply for a study visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country if you stay in Italy longer than three months

In order to issue a study visa the Embassy or Consulate usually requires-proof of registration for an INTENSIVE COURSE (comprising 20 hours of classroom study and about 10 hours of extracurricular activities per week, plus approximately 2 hours homework each day) .

Cultura Italiana Arezzo will supply a registration certificate and other documents needed from the school for your visa application.

Below is a general list of the documents that non –EU students should usually provide to the Italian authorities abroad, in order to begin the application process.
This is for your information but we strongly advise that you check directly with the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your own country before applying, in case of varying requirements.

1. Valid passport (please check rules on passport expiry dates)
2. Certificate of enrolment from CULTURA ITALIANA AREZZO (showing details of the course booked including course duration with start and finish dates, plus proof of payment)
3. Declaration of available finances, authorized and registered by public notary (these must be sufficient to meet students’ expenses while studying in Italy)
4. Original letter plus photocopy, from the bank, with details of the student’s bank account number, or that of the student’s parents or guardian, attesting positively to the student’s financial position
5. Internationally health insurance policy
6. Proof of suitable accommodation in Italy
7. Return flight ticket
8. A cover letter

It is essential that you read very carefully all information pertaining to the application of a study visa on the Embassy or Consulate website in your country, and we recommend that you apply well in advance of the start of your course.

While we are more than happy to help answer any question if we can, we are NOT able to apply for a visa on your behalf. It is every student’s responsibility to liaise with the Italian authorities in their country.

On receipt of your payment for the course, we will send all the documents you will need from the school by Express courier (these delivery expenses are payable by the student)

In the unlike event that the Italian authorities refuse to issue your visa we will refund the cost of the course to you but will deduct e 200 for administrative expenses.

The waiting period for a Study Visa is approximately 4-6 weeks from the time of the application but it may take up to 8 weeks if documents are missing. We strongly advise that students begin the application process at least 3 months before their departure date.

The duration of the study visa will correspond to the duration of the course you will attend.

Important note
The information on this page has been carefully verified. However, regulations can change, so you are kindly requested to always check all information with the Italian Foreign Ministry site Ministero degli Affari Esteri or contact the Italian Consulate or Embassy in your jurisdiction.


Cultura Italiana Arezzo is a fun and positive language learning experience! The classes are very organized, the teachers are sensitive, engaging and inclusive, and the cultural excursions will give you a real sens of the richness and beauty of Arezzo and its important role in Italy.

Kara Schleunes    (  USA)