Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Appartement Indépendant

Vous pouvez louer votre propre appartement, entièrement équipé, comprenant une ou plusieurs chambres. Tous les appartements sont situés à distance de marche de l’école.

Prix par semaine tout compris :

    appartement pour 2 personnes ou plus - 1 ou 2 chambres, cuisine, salle de séjour, salle de bain : de 350 € à 500 €


Studying at Cultura Italiana Arezzo was a pleasure. I took private lessons. I had to teachers: Paola and Roberto. Both excellent, very patient, easy to understand and genuinely friendly. I wish I had taken more lessons and been there for more than just one week. Even in such a short time, I have noticed a definite improvement in my ability and confidence in conversing, understanding and writing.
The extracurricular activities make the whole the expercience even more interesting and fun.

Daniel - 72 anni    (  Canada)