Learn to speak italian! We offer italian language courses in Tuscany

We offer students at all levels flexible, tailored Italian courses taught in a friendly, personable way by our committed teaching team. As part of your language courses in Tuscany, you can experience Italy close up, soak up the culture and make new friends by choosing from our many additional activities and we are always on hand to organise a place to stay, and give help and advice during your time in Italy…

The school organizes Italian language courses in Tuscany into one, two, three, four, or more weeks. All italian courses begin on Monday morning and finish on the Friday of the last week of the selected period of study…

Learning a language is not just about grammar! Enhance your learning experience with the chance to really immerse yourself in Italian life and practice your language skills as you study. We want to help you get the most from your time here in Italy and offer a wide range of activities for our students to enjoy…

  •   Intensive courses

    The intensive courses are designed for groups of 5-10 students of a similar level and include lessons every morning (4 hours a day) and activities two or three afternoons during the week.

  •   Private Lessons

    Some students prefer to take individual lessons in order to progress faster. They choose the number of instruction hours and join in the afternoon activities with the other students.

  •   Semi-private lessons

    Semi-private lessons can be organized for two people (couples, friends travelling together, etc.).The students choose the number of instruction hours and also join in the afternoon activities with the rest of the group.

  •   Afternoon and evening courses

    (twice or four times a week)
    The afternoon and evening courses are designed for people who cannot attend lessons during the day and are therefore given after 5:00 pm. They consist of one and a half hour lessons, either twice or four times a week.

  •   Family Programs

    This type of course is especially thought for families so that parents and children can attend the same classes.

  •   Lessons on Skype

    Lessons on Skype (with video) are a great way to pursue the learning process and to stay connected with Italy once at home. Students are assigned to a teacher on an individual basis and they set up a schedule together, either weekly, biweekly or monthly. The school offers special prices to past students for remote lessons.

  •   Language and Cooking

    For language and cooking, the language courses fall into one of the categories above but the program includes cooking classes in the afternoon with a professional chef. For additional details and prices, contact info@culturaitalianaarezzo.it.

  •   Language and Music/ Classical Singing

    For language and music/classical singing, the language courses fall into one of the categories above but the program includes music or singing classes in the afternoon. The school organizes general and specific courses for learning and improving basic techniques of classical singing according to traditional Italian models; the courses are conducted by professional opera singers. Music lessons can also be organized for several instruments, in cooperation with the music school of Arezzo. For additional details and prices, contact info@culturaitalianaarezzo.it.

  •   Preparation of the CILS exams

    The school offers special courses to help students prepare for the CILS* exams organized by the University of Siena and held everywhere in the world. The CILS certification is necessary to study in Italian universities, for example, and can be required to work in an Italian company.

    * Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera dell'Università per Stranieri di Siena ( http://cils.unistrasi.it/ ).

  •   Customized programs

    The school is always willing to create customized programs for students who have specific needs in terms of schedule, content, objectives, etc.
    For example, we can add terminology classes on specific fields (architecture, commerce, etc.), create a program including language courses and sculpture or painting classes, and so on and so forth.

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We attended the Italian language class in Cultura Italiana Arezzo and had a wonderful experience! We stayed for two weeks in Arezzo in a beautiful and very reasonably priced apartment that the school found for us, right in the center of the ancient city of Arezzo. The language class taught by Monica was just right – both challenging and accessible. Monica is a highly skilled teacher and very responsive to the needs of her students. There were only three of us in the class, and though we spoke little Italian at the beginning of the week, she spoke only Italian with us for the entire time – and we learned so much from her! Arezzo is a lovely and interesting town, and is situated in a great place for exploring other Tuscan towns. This experience put us right in the middle of Italian culture, history, language and every day life. What a great two weeks! Molto grazie e ciao!

Jackie Fischer and Ron Miller    (  USA)