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Cultura Italiana Arezzo is a school and center of activity promoting Italian language and culture. The school organizes Italian language courses into one, two, three, four, or more weeks — as many as you wish. Classes begin each week, on Monday morning. Based on your knowledge of the language, you are assigned to a group of your level, or a new group is created to accommodate your needs. All the teachers are experienced graduates qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language.
The school offers several extracurricular activities each week (about 10 hours’ worth). These include tours of Arezzo and other nearby towns including Cortona, Castiglion Fiorentino, Anghiari, San Sepolcro, Poppi, Lucignano and other charming places. There are also visits to local craftsmen, cooking classes, wine-tasting sessions and many more. No matter where you are from and what your age is, you won’t feel alone. The average number of students is 65% European, 16% American, 14% Asian, and 5% from all over the world including Canada and Australia. Classes usually include a range of ages from 20 through 70.

Most students take intensive courses in groups of five to ten, sometimes less. The teachers also offer private lessons. It is great fun to work with a teacher one-on-one. Many students choose to pursue their learning at home and enrol in Italian lessons on Skype; the school offers past students special prices for remote lessons.

The school has a special room for students, with free Wi-Fi access, an Internet station, reference material and some space to work in small groups.

Cultura Italiana Arezzo is located in the heart of the city, the centro, in a pedestrian area full of shops, cafés and restaurants. The size of the town is ideal for studying and exploring the culture. Arezzo is one of the most beautiful towns of Tuscany, along with Siena, Florence, and Cortona, but never feels crowded — and is about half the price. You will meet genuine people who will be delighted to speak Italian with you.

Do you need a place to stay? The school will find an apartment for you, place you with a family to increase your opportunities for intensive learning, or recommend one of the local B&Bs or hotels with it is associated.

Cultura Italiana Arezzo is a school where teaching and training go hand in hand.
Training activities culminate in two fundamental activities: 1) the preparation of trainees for the prestigious DITALS certification (teaching of Italian as a foreign language) and; 2) regular training sessions and discussions by Cultura Italiana faculty regarding the newest and most successful teaching methods. These activities ensure that our teaching is free of traditional rigid practices and more focused on teaching our students to be effective communicators with the most effective, context-oriented practices.

Communication is an elaborate human function based on its linguistic, textual, lexical, conversational, pragmatic, and sociocultural complexity. The formation and meanings of words, phrases, and sentences still play an important role in learning, but we no longer present “grammar rules” as things to be memorized separate from their context.
On the contrary our teachers encourage students to continuously reflect on the language and discover its structural regularities and irregularities within meaningful and realistic situations. Our students work with texts including stories, interviews, blogs, comics, TV, and radio programs grounded in their natural real-world context — the same kinds of linguistic situations that they will encounter outside of class. Therefore, the teacher becomes the facilitator of the communication process with the ambitious goal of creating students who are independent learners.
This didactic method, which we like to call “global”, has led our teachers to rely on textbooks such as DOMANI 1, 2, 3 by Carlo Guastalla and Ciro Massimo Naddeo; Alma Edizioni for levels A1, A2, and B1; and NUOVO MAGARI for levels B2 and C1/ C2 by Carlo Guastalla, Ciro Massimo Naddeo, and Alessandro De Giuli. These textbooks help students immerse themselves in an active and vital dimension full of engaging and authentic situations, and challenging tasks — plausible and not contexts which can be easily found outside the school in everyday reality

In order to meet students’ needs by placing them in the study group most appropriate to their level of proficiency, an Italian language test has been developed in compliance with levels defined in the Common European Framework for Languages. The CEFL philosophy states that language learning cannot be separated into separate components but must be considered as a continuum. This means that from a language level (A1-Breakthrough, A2- Survival, B1- Threshold, B2- Vantage, C1- Advanced, C2-Proficiency) other sub-levels can form depending on the context (large class, small group, individual lesson), students’ prior knowledge, and especially their needs and objectives. The orientation interview before the beginning of the lessons is necessary to make decisions about the course content according to the student’s motivation and needs.

The school is a member of Eduitalia, an association of schools and universities that offer courses to foreign students and whose mission is to promote the Italian culture, under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

It is also a member of ASILS, an Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language designed to guarantee the quality of instruction and professional level of services offered to students.

The school is now recognized by the following Länder of the Federal Republic of Germany for the BILDUNGSURLAUB:

- Berlin
- Brandenburg
- Hamburg
- Hessen
- Mecklenburg Vorpommern
- Niedersachsen
- Saarland
- Schleswig - Holstein

It has also been recognized by CSN (Swedish National Board of Student Aid), a national organization supporting adult education.

Finally, the school is recognized and supported by the City of Arezzo and the Province of Arezzo.

- Cclitravel
- Dolce Stil Novo
- A domani
- Centar za afirmaciju i razvoj

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Ho passato ad Arezzo due settimane da sogno. La scuola, situata nel centro della città è familiare e piacevole e i corsi in piccoli gruppi sono efficienti. Quanto a la città, è bellissima e ci sono tante cose da visitare: chiese, musei, castello, case di artisti ecc... e possiamo godere della dolce vita italiana sulle terrazze dopo le lezioni!

Monique Lannic - 68 anni    (  France)