Intensivkurse + Einzelunterricht - Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Intensivkurse + Einzelunterricht


INTENSIVKURS am Morgen + 5 EINZELUNTERRICHTSTUNDEN am Nachmittag (1 Stunde pro Tag)

INTENSIVKURS am Morgen + 10 EINZELUNTERRICHTSTUNDEN am Nachmittag (1 Stunde pro Tag)


Given the fact that I was a single student, the course correspond with my expectations. The teachers challenged me to speak, to express everything in Italian. It was not easy but I just wanted that challenge. I would have been nice to have some students in my company, for it is always good to share with people who are in the same situation. Especially for extracurricular activities. On the other hand I was totally immersed, there was no one who spoke English or German with me, which did certainly foster the progress.
I really enjoyed the openness and friendliness of all the staff and I liked the lessons.
I think it was a good idea to choose Arezzo for this course, because it is not a very big city. I do not really like large crowds of people and Arezzo ia a very nice town.

Markus - 52 anni    (  Germania)