Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Cooking & Other Activities

Learn to cook Italian style…

Cooking and fine food are an integral part of Italian culture and our cuisine is world renowned for its use of simple but delicious ingredients. For many students, one of the highlights of their stay here is the opportunity to take a cooking class with trained chef, Signora Lalla who will teach you how to make tasty, traditional Tuscan dishes in her cucina. After the class, you get to try your dishes over a glass of wine and take the recipe with you to impress friends and family when you get home!

Learn to sing with an opera singer or play an instrument

If you are a fan of opera and classical music, you may like to consider combining your language course with a singing or music class. We can organise for you to either learn or improve your basic singing techniques under the tuition of a trained Italian opera singer. If you prefer playing an instrument or would like to learn, we can arrange for you to take a class at the music school of Arezzo (

Tuscan wine and olive oil tastings

Join us on a trip to the beautiful Podere di Pomaio, a local winery that produces delicious organic wines, for a tour of the vineyard and cellar before enjoying a special wine tasting with owners, brothers Jacopo and Marco Rossi. If you are tempted to buy some wine to enjoy later, you can take advantage of a special discount. We also organise olive oil tastings at Podere di Pomaiao (


Ho trascorso due bei mesi ad Arezzo. Le lezioni mi sono piaciute, Roberto e Paola sono bravissimi e sempre disposti a rispondere a qualsiasi domanda. Grazie a Roberto, ho imparato tanto sull'arte e la storia di questa zona durante le gite.
Non ci si annoia mai in Arezzo, perchè è una città interessante con tanti musei, ristoranti, bar e negozi. è una città vivace ma senza il turismo di massa. Davvero un gioiello nascosto!

Yvonne - 40 anni    (  Libano)