History of the Sanremo Music Festival  - Minimum language level required B1 - Cultura Italiana Arezzo
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History of the Sanremo Music Festival - Minimum language level required B1

Learn about the rich history of the Sanremo Music Festival! This dynamic course provides students both the opportunities to learn about one of Italy’s most famous music festivals as well as continue furthering and practicing their knowledge, understanding, and usage of the Italian language.
Students will take a deeper look at lexical and grammatical elements through the analysis of song lyrics and notable news articles of each era thereby reflecting on the innovative and stimulating production of the contemporary Italian language.
The themes and materials used in the lessons will focus on the rich and articulated idea of Italy starting from the times after the Second World War to present day thus allowing students the chance to study Italian society, culture, and history in a different light.

Among the activities conducted in each lesson, students will watch the live television footage from the Sanremo Music Festivals in years past listening to and analyzing around 20 different previously unreleased songs. Thanks to these videos, participants will not only evaluate the evolution of Italian society but also more technical elements such as its scenography, orchestra, and costumes.

The weeklong course, which meets everyday for 3 hours, will begin with the analyses of Italy after the Second War and will continue developing by touching on the different phases in its history.

- The 50’s and the 60’s: the birth of television and the big economic boom
- The 70’s: Terrorism and politics through clothing
- The 80’s: The second economic boom, wellbeing, and optimism
- The 90’s: The fight against the Mafia and corruption
- The 00’s: The short decade and the informative innovations

Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to become virtual members of the judging panel for a day by listening to the previously unreleased songs of the last edition of the Festival and casting their votes based on the lyrics and the music of the tracks. Will your judgements be the Italians’?

Dates of the Course:
August 5th - 12th - 19th

Cost of Participation:
(1 week): 3 hours a day (1 hour = 60 minutes) + participation of extracurricular activities in the afternoon

3-4 people: € 270.00 per person
5-6 people: € 255.00 per person
7-8 people: € 240.00 per person


Given the fact that I was a single student, the course correspond with my expectations. The teachers challenged me to speak, to express everything in Italian. It was not easy but I just wanted that challenge. I would have been nice to have some students in my company, for it is always good to share with people who are in the same situation. Especially for extracurricular activities. On the other hand I was totally immersed, there was no one who spoke English or German with me, which did certainly foster the progress.
I really enjoyed the openness and friendliness of all the staff and I liked the lessons.
I think it was a good idea to choose Arezzo for this course, because it is not a very big city. I do not really like large crowds of people and Arezzo ia a very nice town.

Markus - 52 anni    (  Germania)