Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Extracurricular Activities

Learning a language is not all about grammar. It is also important to immerse oneself in the culture and history of the country. The activities organized by the school in the afternoon are therefore fundamental and allow the students to make the most of their language course.

Getting Out and About

The extracurricular activities include various guided tours of the city of Arezzo and it numerous attractions, outings to interesting villages and weekend tours.

Cooking & Other Activities

The following activities are optional extras to enhance your experience while you are here in Italy. They will take place in the afternoon or early evening after your daily Italian lesson has finished. Please contact us on email for more information


Arezzo è stata per me una bella sorpresa. è una città molto bella, sicurezza e la gente, molto simpatica.Tutto è andato bene (scuola, appartamento...) e tutto era molto facile e se un giorno abbia la fortuna di ritornare in Italia per studiare, sceglierò Arezzo e Cultura Italiana Arezzo!

Andreanne Martin - 47 anni    (  Canada)