Bildungsurlaub - Cultura Italiana Arezzo
corsi di lingua italiana


La scuola è stata riconosciuta dai seguenti Länder della Repubblica Federale Tedesca per il BILDUNGSURLAUB

- Berlin
- Brandenburg
- Hamburg
- Hessen
- Mecklenburg Vorpommern
- Niedersachsen
- Saarland
- Schleswig - Holstein
- Rheinland - Pfalz

Costo del corso Bildungsurlaub:
1 settimana: € 395
2 settimane: € 760


I have just completed a very valuable 2 weeks at the Cultura Italiana School in Arezzo. The combination of intensive classes, a course of Renaissance Art and a private lessons provided a real boost to my learning of the italian language. The intensive course deepened my knowledge of grammar, the pritate lessons provided an excellent opportunity to work on my weakness - thank you Laura - and the study of Renaissance Art was a sheer delight. Samantha was a very professional, knowledgeable, excellent teacher and guide. A very worthwhile experience in a beautiful city.

Sandra - 69 anni    (  USA)