Cultura Italiana Arezzo

Borse di Studio

Cultura Italiana Arezzo offre delle borse di studio totali o parziali (dal 100% al 30% sul prezzo del corso) per promuovere la scuola. Le Borse di studio sono disponibili attraverso gli Istituti Italiani di Cultura, i Dipartimenti di italianistica delle Università, le Ambasciate e i Consolati.
Le borse di studio vengono assegnate solo attraverso queste Istituzioni.


The staff at Cultura Italiana Arezzo are very warm and welcoming . My instructor, Laura, was dynamic, always animated and very funny. She teaches language with her whole body and somehow is able to figure out how to assist each one of her students when they have difficulties. The lessons went by very quickly and she had us speaking a lot right from the first day... and she did not speak to us in English at all - Grazie, Laura!
The language school is small as is Arezzo. For me this was a perfect fit as a beginner italian student. It is easy to walk everywhere and the people in the shops and cafés were kind and tried hard to understand me. I would love to come back to Arezzo to learn more italian and to enjoy this beautiful city again .

Theresa - 62 anni    (  Canada)